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Me and a friend are trying to start a game together from separate computers. We both have Outward. I set "open game to friends" and set a password I thinkhe then press "find game" and set the same password, it says "no game found with the given name". Do you know why is not working? The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. Click here to jump to that post. Originally posted by Rayzenz :. Showing 1 - 15 of 39 comments. Ayun View Profile View Posts.

Same problem here. God is dead View Profile View Posts. I'm having the same issue! Strange, the only co-op related problem I have encountered was buggy physics when just joining corpses bugging and npcs acting strange. We could connect allright, but my friend disconnected every other loading screen and only one of us got quest completion when we turned it in.

Silber View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Cpt. Smirnoff Rauschepauli :.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

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Install Steam. Store Page. Outward Store Page. Global Achievements. This topic has been locked. I've been co-oping with a friend for the last 40 hours and it's been a great and fun experience, but we're starting to notice now when sleeping or entering towns we're having really long loading screens.

When we started our play through the loading would be 15 - 30 seconds when sleeping or entering towns example loading in Chersonese from Cierzo and vice versa. We have only been in this region and have almost completed all dungeons but this issue keeps occurring when loading screen is present.

Is Outward Multiplayer?

When we're experiencing this issue now, it's taking about mins to load into the zone where at times we begin to wonder if our game has crashed. This issue appears to be specific to the city, but we're yet to conclude if other places are taking that same amount.

We do know that within the last couple days, our load times have become very long in Cierzo. We've tried to isolate the issue to no avail, such as clearing storage inventory in the light house as we've collected quite a bit and also cleared out previous quick saves for the game, but the issue is still present.

We both have similar rigs and running off SSD and this has started to become an issue within the last couple days. I'm wondering if the Dev's have received such reports or if any other co-op duo's are experiencing this behavior.

Specs: Ti 11gb i 4. It would be nice to see if anyone else has been experiencing this kind of behavior. Showing 1 - 15 of 91 comments. Fishboy11 View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Fishboy11 :. After couple hours of testing with my friend last night, we've been able to determine the root cause of this issue. I'd also like to bring more awareness about this issue, not only due to our experience, but potentially everyone else experience when they start accumulating hours of game play and items stored in the Cierzo Lighthouse Storage.

My friend was able to notice that when he loads into Cierzo the logs during loading are pointing to EVERY single item in the storage chest having to load and sync with his save. This issue does not occur on a new character within Cierzo, because there are few items to load and the load times are incredibly fast.

I'm hoping other people will reply if they've noticed this issue so the Dev's may be aware of this issue and hopefully develop a way to allow items to load more efficiently which would allow for shorter load times with large amounts of items stored. This issue has only occurred after long hours of game play and is not something I would consider game breaking. This issue is only present when loading into Cierzo, but I suspect it will also happen with any other area that allows you to have a house with storage to keep items.

Originally posted by Stake From Jate Farm :. Exact same thing with same circumstances is happening to my co-op partner and I. Same hours, same dungeon clearing, some computer specs almost to a T.

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We've been avoiding faction quests because we like to clear everything else first but sadly we feel forced to pick a faction so that we may use another house to store items than Cierzo, since neither of us can load into it via my save file anymore. Today I experienced a similar issue, yesterday - after completing all dungeons in the first region - I went to the Emerkar Forest or whatever its name is. Played around 2 hours there before exiting so I have roughly 40 hours in total.

When I wanted to load my game it loaded longer and it crashed 2 times while loading. Then again I play only solo Odessa View Profile View Posts.

OUTWARD - Beginner Combat Guide

Same issue we have taken to creating several characters and naming them each corresponding to whats in there storages.Outward is an open-world RPG that is quickly gaining popularity around the world. Many find joy in playing a game where they can start from scratch, with no special abilities, weapons, or resources. Outward focuses on this aspect while ensuring that people do not lose interest along the way. It emphasizes that with enough time and effort, a regular person can become skilled in casting spells or wielding a sword.

At the same time, the player has to ensure that their character will survive in a hostile, dangerous world by eating adequately and maintaining ideal body temperature.

Outward is a fairly new game. So, while people are starting to discover the fun in playing it, they are also encountering some issues along the way. In this article, we will show you how to fix the Outward game crashing, how to repair audio in the Outward game, and how to resolve frame drops in Outward, among other problems.

Any player would get frustrated if their game crashed in the middle of completing a quest. There are various reasons why this can happen—from not meeting the minimum system requirements to corrupted game files and outdated graphics drivers. So, to fix this issue, we suggest trying these solutions:. Of course, Outward will crash if you are playing it on a device that does not support the system requirements for the game.

So, make sure your computer has the necessary specs. Here are the steps:.

Is Outward Multiplayer?

If you encounter this problem, you should try running the game as an administrator. You should also tell your fellow adventurers to do the same. If this solution does not work, try using the Steam overlay. Go to your friend list, click other players, then join a game. You can also try lowering the image quality or switching the graphics quality from high to medium.

Doing so will ensure consistent frame rates. If doing that does not fix the black screen issue, then you can try launching your Steam client to access the Verify Integrity of Game Files feature. Another way to resolve this is by uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

outward multiplayer issues

In this case, we recommend following our troubleshooting steps below:. Once your computer boots, we recommend that you update your drivers to their latest manufacturer-recommended versions.

Such a task can be time-consuming and complicated to do manually.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

How to troubleshoot frequent Outward game issues?

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Outward Store Page. Global Achievements. As you play with a friend or SO, you will encounter these problems with the online multiplayer: All in all the game takes 2 times longer in multiplayer to progress! The harder combat is no problem. When leaving your friend, you lose all traveling you have done. You spawn back to where you were before MP-Session Quests will never complete for both, and have to done for the joining player aswell back in his world.

When it takes items to find, to complete a quest, you WILL have to find the quest items back in your world aswell. Making the quest system tidious. At this point you're punished by playing Multiplayer, this is a big bummer for everyone who wanted to enjoy a still difficult mp-session. I hope this gets adressed. Originally posted by ToxicJoe :. Last edited by SnipeOrigin ; 27 Mar, am.

Showing 1 - 15 of 17 comments. Jonkenden View Profile View Posts. Host progress their quest, other player is along for the ride but will not progress their quest. Can you not play this like divinity sin 2? I mean like your friend or you keep the multiplayer save essentially.

Then you have your own single player char. Game has multiple paths so you can take a different faction to keep each save different. Or are main quest rewards substantial enough to the point you need to do the quests for both people? Ain't tried coop yet but interested in how that works. I also thought this could be played like divinity original sin 2.

What's the point of allowing co op if the 2nd player can't progress? Originally posted by Usuario No Registrado :. Jel0sh View Profile View Posts.

outward multiplayer issues

So it shouldn't be any surprise that that's how it works because that's exactly how they said it was going to work. So me it's not really a problem if it's working as intended. And when you leave your friends game your character will keep any items in their inventory that they picked up during that game.If you've only played on console, you may be surprised to hear that the game doesn't persistently have huge load times on PC. Overall, load times on PC appear to be lower than on console, but with a caveat.

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There seems to be something with how the game retains or recalls item data that can cause player load times to slowly increase over time. Unfortunately, those playing Outward on console don't have that same slowly-developing benefit. From the very start of the game, standard PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners are seeing load screens exceeding 30 seconds.

Some are seeing load times over a minute, or even more. Congrats to them, because the load times on the standard console models are way out there in the "ridiculous" range. I can only speak as a standard PS4 model owner and can attest these load times permeate both single player and local co-op.

From the tiny intro area where you meet Yzan to the sweltering heats in Levant and its surrounding desert, Outward 's load times on PS4 are consistently too long for comfort. One Steam user has done some investigating into the potential cause of the game's loading times increasing as one plays on PC. The result of their test seemed to indicate the game would attempt to load every item in their storage in Cierzo when entering the area, which was especially impactful in multiplayer.

Something about this theory holds water in my experience on PS4, as you can see the game actively load item icons in storage or vendors on console. The game chugs a bit and you can see the items pop into a vendor's inventory and arrange themselves again, which is quite puzzling. The problem I've been experiencing on console is that the loading times are long no matter how much I have in my inventory, no matter where I am.

Solo or co-op, whatever. It feels like a quarter of my play time is actually going toward loading.

outward multiplayer issues

Load times on the standard PS4 are long whether I'm camping for the night, entering a tiny little dungeon, recovering from being knocked out, or prancing into Monsoon for some training. It doesn't matter what I'm doing; I know I'm in for a bit of a wait if there's a load screen involved.

Guess I'll go get a drink In most games, the repercussions for being knocked out or killed is some sort of in-game punishment or a game over. In Outward on PlayStation 4, your punishment is genuine boredom from having to sit and wait for the game to load again. I'm having a really great time with Outward with both my solo and co-op characters, and hope the folks over at Nine Dot Studios see some of the player feedback concerning the console version and are able to reduce the load times, at least a bit.The concept of Role player Games being Multiplayer is always confusing.

What character or role will the other player assume? Well, outward successfully solves this and caps it off with both local and online multiplayer split screens. Outward allows both players to share a screen in the adventurous open world game. Nine Dot Studios has endeavored to transfer this co-op experience to the online platform of the game. Outward PS4 multiplayer options are available in your console. Smart Televisions that have split screen feature which function well with PS4; making it easier for multiple players.

Read Also: How to play Escape from Tarkov with friends. While PS4 has multiple player cooperative player mode options, PCs present a slight problem. PC gamers, on the other hand, are forced to use additional monitors and mouse to allow multiplayer albeit using special software. A Spot check on Outward FAQ in the gaming authority Gamepedia reveals that multiplayer functionality can only accommodate two players at the moment. The game makes up for this in unlimited characters you can create that is if you have enough space.

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Also, the lack of multi-player match-making is significantly absent in the game. You can stick to the conservative use of LAN to enjoy the multiplayer feature or utilize Co-Op where you go online and use a split screen feature. The old school LAN system is especially useful if you are using two monitors and allowing for mutual gaming.

Alternatively, you can use the console multiplayer modes to allow for two players. If you choose to Coop then internet connectivity will be needed especially if you intend to use the split screen.

The ability to play the game minus internet connectivity is definitely a plus for the developer. Tags: Outward. Nelson Thorntorn February 11, Save Saved Removed 0.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Outward Store Page. Global Achievements. Currently me and my buddy were playing a bit, but now we can't seem to get it working.

We both would make a server under the same name and i'd invite him into the game, and it was working, but now whenever we attempt to make an online session under the same name it tells us "A game with that name already exists".

But the search also doesn't give results? How do we get this online co-op to work properly. Our original game was going fine until he couldn't find a water skin so he quickly left and now we can't seem to re-connect. Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. Tymon View Profile View Posts.

Both of you have to open co-op and then join via steam. That should work. The actual game names are irrelevant. We had trouble to connect but it worked after a time, now it doesent seem to work anymore somehow Kano View Profile View Posts.

Same, it was working perfectly yesterday, not today FIX - Host an online lobby name is irrelevanthave your friend also do the same, so you're BOTH in an online lobby with a random name of your choice. After that, right click your friends name on steam and hit "join" or vice versa, you can also use invites if youre lazy. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 27 Mar, pm.

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